Adult Sex Movies Categories 

The Top 3 Adult Sex Movie Categories 

Adult movie companies produce thousands of new adult movie titles yearly. One adult movie industry source estimates that 20,000 adult movies are made in the United States alone. This makes adult movies the largest film industry segment. Out of those thousands of adult movie titles, most adult movies fit one of three basic categories: feature, all sex or compilation adult movies. See below for further details on each category.

Feature Adult Movies

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If you're hunting for your first adult movie or looking for an adult movie to watch with your significant other, then you should definitely check out feature adult movies. Feature adult movies are essentially sex with a plot but don't set your expectations too high because plot quality in these adult movies varies greatly. Some of the best feature adult movies can rival some Hollywood films, while the plot in other adult movies can be confusing and packed with pizza delivery clichés.
Another distinguishing feature for feature adult movies is that feature adult movies contain the adult movie industry's biggest stars- adult movie goddesses like Jenna Jameson, Carmen Luvana, Tera Patrick and Janine. These adult movie stars usually have a contract with one of the major adult movie studios and appear solely in adult movies from that adult movie studio.
Feature adult movies usually contain at least 5 original adult movie scenes, lasting anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. Some feature adult movies include bonus scenes from other adult movies.
Feature adult movies are meant to appeal to couples and to women, which is why adult movie insiders call them couple-friendly. As such, adult movie studios treat feature adult movies differently from other adult movie titles. Adult movie industry insiders believe that women prefer sex with some sort of plot to just random adult movie sex scenes. That's why adult movie story lines in feature adult movies tend to focus on subjects that appeal to women, like discovering true love.
This push from the adult movie industry to make feature adult movies appeal to women extends to the adult movie sex scenes. Many feature adult movies place special emphasis on foreplay. The stars in feature adult movies often make out before undressing each other. The adult movie stars then build passion and sexual excitement with lots of foreplay- foot-rubs, toe sucking, nipple sucking, kissing each other all over, etc.
Sexual activities in feature adult movies are often fairly mainstream-blowjobs, box munching, missionary, cowgirl and doggy style. The majority of feature adult movies include one girl-on-girl adult movie scene as well as one adult movie scene involving a threesome or foursome. As anal sex becomes less taboo in the adult movie industry, more feature adult movies also include an anal scene. Only a small fraction of feature adult movies contain more exotic adult movie practices like orgies, double penetrations or fetish play.

If you pick a feature adult movie with an interesting plot line or one from an adult movie studio that has released other titles you enjoyed, you're more likely to enjoy feature adult movie you selected.

Wall-to-Wall or All Sex Adult Movies

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If you're tired of seeing cookie-cutter sex in adult movies, then an all sex adult movie will provide some welcome relief.  All sex adult movies, which are also known as wall-to-wall adult movies, are original adult movies containing just action from beginning to end. Without the plot element of a feature adult movie, all sex adult movies use a common thread to tie the adult movie scenes together. That adult movie theme can be almost anything imaginable, including physical attributes (hair color or breast size), sexual acts (blowjobs, anal or double penetrations) or themes like naughty college co-eds. All sex adult movies don't have the big-name adult movie stars like their feature adult movie counterparts. Instead, all sex movies draw on adult movie stars that are just getting started in the adult movie industry and other adult movie stars with limited experience.
All sex adult movies typically contain 5 to 10 adult movie scenes lasting between 15 to 25 minutes each. Because these adult movies don't spend time on plot, all sex adult movies contain more adult movie scenes and longer adult movie scenes than feature adult movies.

Many scenes in all sex adult movies start out with a female adult movie star. The adult movie star sometimes talks dirty while stripping off her clothes. Then, the adult movie star plays with herself using her fingers or some sort of toy. After that, another adult movie star, male or female, joins in the fun.
Unlike feature adult movies, there are few sexual limitations in all sex adult movies. This no-holds-barred attitude in all sex adult movies makes these adult movies very popular among adult movie fans. Sex in all sex adult movies is often fast-paced and energetic - allowing the adult movie stars to really show off. While all sex adult movies contain mainstream positions like feature adult movies, these adult movies also contain more exotic adult movie acts like double penetrations, deep-throat blowjobs, bondage and fetish play, orgies, squirting, shaving, interracial sex and more.

Compilation Adult Sex Movies

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For a low-cost way to build your adult movie collection, nothing can beat compilation adult movies, often abbreviated as comp adult movies.  Unlike other adult movies, comp adult movies do not contain original adult movie content. Instead, adult movie studios collect adult movie scenes that have already appeared in other adult movies and re-release these scenes as a single adult movie. While many adult movie fans are turned off by the idea of "recycled" adult movie scenes, this allows adult movie studios to offer more material than usual. Comp adult movies are priced similar to original adult movies, but comp adult movies contain around 20 to 24 scenes- nearly 5 times the number of scenes in some original adult movies.

Like wall-to-wall adult movies, comp adult movies usually have some sort of common thread. This can be scenes featuring a certain adult movie star, specific sexual acts, certain physical attributes like large breasts, or the same adult movie theme.
Scenes in comp adult movies usually start with a list of the adult movie stars appearing in the scene and the title of the adult movie originally featuring the scene. This is an easy way to learn to ID adult movie stars as well as find other adult movies you might be interested in buying. Although comp adult movies draw from both feature and wall to wall adult movie titles, adult movie studios take a more lenient stand on what can be found in comp adult movies than in feature adult movies. As such, the scenes in comp adult movies are often a little wilder than the typical feature movie scene - meaning more anal scenes and exotic positions.
Be sure to find an adult movie theme that suits your interests - bargain or not, you don't want to get stuck with 20 uninteresting scenes.
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