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Sex Lubes

Sex lube is something that is often overlooked - until you're mid sex act and need it the most! Sex should always be an amazing experience and one way to ensure that is to make sure sex lube is close at hand. Fortunately for us sex lube has evolved and now there's a lube for every occasion; flavored, silicone, water based, anal and more.

Lubes are also a necessity when using sex toys. Lube 'em up, ride 'em hard and have fabulous orgasms.

Keep a bottle with your sex toys so you never had to get up and hunt around for lube when you need it most. Sex lubes add slip and slide to your sexual encounters.

Used with a partner or your favorite Adam & Eve sex toy, lubes ensure your experiences are nice and smooth. Try massage oils for sensual foreplay or experiment with flavored lubes for tasty oral sex. If the back door is your goal, make sure you have the anal lube handy for you, your lover and your anal sex toys.

Below are some of the most popular sex lubes currently being offered at Adam & Eve.

The best lube money can buy! See why Adam & Eve customers can't stop raving about I-D G... [More]

Price: 34.95
Sale: 34.95


Juicy, fruity and all-around tasty lube! Vegan friendly with 100% natural fruit flavorS... [More]

Price: 14.95
Sale: 14.95


Treat yourself to a "glide" of silky smooth penetration. Just a tiny amount (no more th... [More]

Price: 22.95
Sale: 22.95

Spa Quality Ingredients For Luxurious Lubrication! Keep your most intimate moments supe... [More]

Price: 14.95
Sale: 14.95

Adam & Eve Lube

Our Slick & Sexy Bestselling Formula!Made in the USA!Great New Packaging! "Super slick ... [More]

Price: 9.95
Sale: 9.95


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