Best Sex Positions For Couples

Ever wonder what the best sex positions for couples are? Perhaps your just trying to find out some new positions for you and your partner to try out, heck you may be new to all this. What ever the case may be, trying new sex positions is a great way for improving your sex life.

Discover new positions is a great way to give your sex life a kick start, be open and communicate with your partner that you would would like to experiment. One of the best things to do is to read and share with your partner so you both have a better understanding of the positions.The willingness to experiment with new positions will also help with your communication skills  and enhances the emotional connection with one another. 

Below is a guide to a variety of different sex positions that you and your partner can try out, whether you are looking for intimacy, g-spot stimulation or something a little more adventurous, everything you need to try something new is right here!

Man on Top Positions 

Man on top positions, more commonly known as missionary positions are some of the best sex positions for couples. The missionary position is when the man is on top of the woman with both partners facing each other.

The missionary position offers so much affection and allows you the chance to watch the expressions of pleasure on each others faces. Some of you may be thinking that everyone knows the missionary position. Did you notice that we said positions not position?

The missionary position is one for the most versatile positions that can easily be altered into a wide variety of positions such as the anvil, bamboo, deep stick, lotus, oyster, and the rabbit. To learn more about the different man on top positions click here. 

Woman on Top Positions 

The woman on top positions are also some of the best sex positions for couples, especially for the women. This position lets the woman to take control of the depth and the motions of penetration.

Some of the positions that have the women on top are the amazon, andromatique, astride, balance, crab, frog and the bee.

Changing the positions of the women while on top allows her to change the angles of penetration frequently allowing better stimulation of the clitoris by her being on top. To learn more about the woman on top positions click here.

Side By Side Positions 

The side by side sex positions are some of the best sex positions for couples who like manual stimulation during intercourse.

Side by side positions include cat, side to side, semblance, scissors, spoon and star. Some couples find that more body to body contact in sexual positions such as spooning allow couples to feel more connected to each other. This position becomes a very intimate lovemaking position as the couples feel more drawn to each other.

Another benefit of the side by sidepositions is that men find they can last longer in as the strokes are not as strong. To learn more about side by side positions click here.

From Behind Positions 

From behind sex positions are some of the best sex positions for couples looking for g-spot stimulation. Sex positions form behind allow the man full control over the depth and the motion of his penetration.

Some of the from behind positions include doggy style, antelope, cow, elephant, wolf and the willow tree. The doggy style position makes it fairly easy for extra clitoral stimulation.

These positions don't offer as much intimacy as other positions but are among the best sex positionsfor couples that allow for manual and g-spot stimulation. To learn more about from behind positions click here.

Standing Positions 

Standing sex positions are some very sensual best sex positions for couples looking for intimacy in a unique way. Standing sex positions are similar to missionary positions that allow you to stare into each others eyes, caress and kiss each other.

Some of the standing positions include dirty dancing, plough, lover, stem and screw. When standing and the woman has her back to the man the positions are similar to the from behind positions, theyallow for manual and g-spot stimulation. To learn more about standing sex positions click here.

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