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Adult Sex Toys 

All About Sex Toys 

Sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream every year, and this is a good thing. Trying to decide which products are best for you or your partner can be confusing as there are so many types and styles of adult toys.  The information contained within these pages is here to help you  enhance your sex life and explore new turn ons and live a sex positive life style.

Vibrators, dildos, penis rings, and more; for men and women alike. The time has arrived for you to make your sex life better, more erotic, more orgasmic. Sex toys are here to make your sex life more exciting. Discover new sexual pleasure by experimenting with adult toys and sex products. and Adam & Eve supports and encourages all adults to expand their sexual horizons with toys that are just right for them. Choose from Adam & Eve's amazing selection of vibrator sex toys, dildo sex toys, penis rings, and more.


Vibrator Sex Toys

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Vibrators are hands down the most common and favorite sex toy, use by yourself or with your partner. Whether you're a woman or a man, vibrators can be your very best friends. These nerve-tingling teasers can titillate your clitoris, tease your nipples, arouse your anal region and much, much more. Adam & Eve, carries all the vibrators, sex toys and accessories that will enhance your energetic, healthy sex life for decades to come, whether you're in your 20s or old enough to know that age is just a number.

Vibrators are the most popular women's sex toy today. Thanks to the magic of television, vibrators have gone mainstream, reaching it's height of recognition when Sex in the City devoted an entire episode to the amazing orgasms Rabbit Vibrators can induce. Rabbits aren't the only vibrators out there-Adam & Eve carries a full range of vibrators including anal vibrators, bullets and eggs, pocket rockets, discreet Vibrators and many, many more.

Vibrators have been around since the late 1800's and by the 1900's were sold as "Mother's Little Helper" to help "hysteria" and to put a "flush" in the cheeks. By the mid 1920's the vibrators true purpose was discovered when they appeared in "stag" films and suddenly became taboo and shameful. Why? Because back in the 1920's the female orgasm was not important. This taboo remained in place until the sexual revolution of the 1960's.

Since then vibrators have seen a huge rise in popularity and have evolved to include one for almost every occasion. Rabbit Vibrators continue to be the most popular model with their fluttering ears and penetrating shaft to delight your clitoris and vagina. The tingling sensations produced by this pleasure pal are perfect for those who prefer dual clitoris and vaginal stimulation. Combine this with extra features such as a rotating shaft filled with "pearls", G-Spot stimulator or being waterproof for fun in the shower, the Rabbit will quickly become your favorite toy!

Clitoral vibrators are also hugely popular and can be used almost anywhere if you have the right model. Most clitoral vibrators are small and quiet. Some come with wireless remotes so your lover can control the when and the power of the vibrations you get. Many clitoral vibrators also fall into the discreet vibrator category as well, so they are easy to travel with and you don't have to worry about someone knowing what you do in your private time. Pocket Rocket vibrators are a great universal style of sex toy, you can use them to achieve orgasm or massage out muscle tension.

Wand massagers are a great multi-tasking vibrators. These vibrator "Cadillacs" plug right into the wall socket and are prefect for relieving muscle pain or amazing orgasms. Every sex toy collection should have one wand massager and some attachments for added pleasure.

If you haven't explored the vibrators available today, you will be surprised by the wide range and variety available, and Adam & Eve's selection is the best you will find. While the classic, discreet, traditional models are still available for your erotic pleasure, there are those that resemble bulging, glistening erections, wildly textured toys, double-headed dynamos and playthings that don't resemble any manhood at all!

Dildo Sex Toys

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Dildo sex toys are incredibly popular adult toys. Dildos are the perfect adult sex toy for simple vaginal or anal penetration, and short of the real thing, nothing fills you better. Dildos come in a range of sizes to accommodate beginners or experts. While dildos are usually phallic-shaped there are some exceptions, like glass dildos which can be curved, straight, or wavy. Glass dildos are extremely popular sex toys; they can maintain different temperatures, are attractive, and they are easy to clean. While usually quite expensive, Adam & Eve offers a line of well crafted, inexpensive glass sex toys. In addition to glass, dildos can be made of Cyberskin, silicone, UR3, jelly and other materials. There are also realistic dildos which are molded from actual penises as well as double dildos which have two heads. Unlike vibrators, dildos are muscle powered so you never have to worry about running out of battery power.

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Penis Rings

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Penis rings are erection enhancing male sex toys that help maintain a stronger erection by preventing blood from flowing out of the penis once erect. Penis rings are made out of many different types of materials including stretchy jelly, silicone, rubber and leather. To use, you slip a penis ring over the semi-hard penis and continue stimulation until fully erect. There a several types of cock rings; a simple ring that can be used around the base of the penis or behind the testicles, a more advanced model that has two rings, one that sits at the base of penis and another that goes around the testicles, and vibrating penis rings that have small bullet vibrators attached to them that can be used for clitoral or testicular stimulation.
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