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Side by Side Positions 


For this sex position you can alter the missionary position, both partners embrace each other and then turn onto their side slowly to assure the penis stays intact.


For this side by side position the woman starts by lying on her stomach while her partner penetrates from behind by lying on top of her from a side angle.



For this sex position the woman is lying on her back while the man is lying on her right side. Then the man puts his right leg over her left thigh. He then draws his body closer so he can enter her vagina from the side.

Side to Side

For this position, which is very similar to the missionary position, both partners are lying down and facing each other in this position, only that both partners are on their sides. Although this takes away from penetration depth and thrusting mobility, it does allow the man to touch and caress their partner.


This is a very sensual and comfortable sexual position in which the man penetrates her in a deep sensual way. He can then easily kiss her back and her neck and also caress her breast and her clitoris.



For this positions the woman is lying on her back she then spreads her legs wide. The man then slides a leg between the women's and then penetrates from the side while supporting himself with his other arm.

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