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Woman on Top Positions 



For this woman-on-top sex position the man is sitting, then the woman comes to sit down backward on her partner's penis as she uses his legs and thighs for support. In this position the stimulation of the clitoris is more accessible for a quicker orgasm.



For this sex position the woman sits on the erect penis of her partner while he himself is seated with his legs outstretched. She can then move up and down while resting on her hands and legs. The man can assist his partner by lifting her buttocks or thighs to accompany her movements.


Aggressive Cowgirl

For this sex position, it is the same position as the regular cowgirl position except that the woman plants her feet instead of kneeling. This allows deeper penetration while stimulating the clitoris.



For this sex position requires that the man be lying on his back. The woman rides him backwards and guides his erect penis into her. She then leans backwards, holding herself with her arms. She can pump her legs to make the up and down motions. This position offers allows the woman full control over how deep the penetration and it also allows her partner to caress her breast and clitoris.




For this sexual position the man is sitting on a bed, a couch or a chair. The woman then sits in his lap while the man penetrates her as she wraps her legs around him.


For this sex position, the man is sitting semi cross legged as the woman sits on the penis facing away from her partner. The women then leans forward with her hands touching the ground and then executes a back and forth movement. She can control the penis angle and degree of penetration, and can stimulate her G-spot.


For this sex position the man is lying on his back with legs spread slightly and bent up to his chest. As the man is erect, the woman squats fitting on his erection in this position. The woman sits slowly on the erect penis. This position give the woman full control of clitoral stimulation for a great orgasm.



For this sex positions the man is lying down while the woman sits on the penis while she kneels astride. The woman can then move her hips horizontally and vertically for maximum stimulation of her vaginal walls and clitoris.


For this sex position the man is lying on his back with his legs half opened as the woman comes and lays down on her partner. She introduces the penis into the vagina while placing her feet against the top of her partner's feet for support. This support allows the woman to move her body back and forth for clitoral stimulation.


For this sexual position the man is lying on his back, with his legs straight up. The woman then sits on the top of his thighs, using his feet as a backrest. The two partners hold themselves by the wrists, to stabilize the position. He then lifts her with his feet, to start an up and down stimulation.


 Reverse Mastery

For this sexual position is the reversal of the common cowgirl position. In this position the woman faces away from her partner as he penetrates her. This position provides great access and a great view to the woman's buttocks


See Saw

For this position the man is lying down as the woman sits on his erect penis while using her feet for support or she can kneel down on both sides of his hips for greater stimulation.



For this sexual position you can start from cow girl position, and then the woman topples backwards, with her head down to her partner's feet. This position is great for slowing down the man's ejaculation.



For this sex position the woman straddles her partner backward, she then gradually falls back on the chest of the man. This gives the man full range to caress her body while stimulating her sexually.


Turned Face

For this sex position the women angles her body either to the right or the left slightly while she is penetrated to stimulate her vaginal walls and clitoris.



For this sex position the man is lying on his back while the woman places herself on top of him, crouching or kneeling, keeping her torso straight up. She can then control the rhythm and the depth of penetration while stimulating her clitoris

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